About Us

For you to setup your facility the government is ready with a suitable tax environment, the transportation, the telecommunications.

"We have arrived with the infrastructure! We are READY!

TZL is a professional service provider company aiming at delivering quality logistic parks to various companies as a repayment of their efforts of contributing to the economical progress of our nation.

We aim at delivering custom tailored warehouse (built to suit) for all your special needs.

What else we deliver along with warehouses

1. Trustworthy Relationships
2. Quality over everything else
3. Swiftness in bringing latest technologies
4. To be open on the inside as well as outside (Transparency)


Thought put behind our properties = Thought put behind our baby

What makes a property, our property?

* Highly connected, discoverable and feasible location
* Premium quality infrastructure, High grade material to be used from stepA - stepZ
* State of the art architecture and structural engineering
* Government compliant and formalities completed

Site Features

* DOC Yard - 4'
* 4" Trimix Flooring Layer
* Washrooms-2
* Septic Tank
* Pressure pump & 20000 Ltr. Water Tank
* Outer Roads- Metal or Interlocking
* Foundation- (Soil Testing)
* 40' feet Center Height
* Clear Height- 36'
* Shutter on Docyard- 3+1
* Turbo Fans
* Polycarbonate- (Sky Light Sheets)

How our Site Looks

Locate Us

Our debut project is underway and available for leasing at:
NH-44, Village Kaddon,
Tehsil Payal, Distt Ludhiana.
On Delhi Highway

We will be Delightful to Serve You.